NASDAQ CEO Says that Bitcoin is at its Hype’s Peak

President and CEO of NASDAQ Inc., Adena Friedman, recently stated that digital currencies have reached the peak of their hype cycle and can turn out to be a commercial segment of the internet.

Freidman said that NASDAQ has a grey outlook about digital currencies and the company is taking a research-oriented and cautious approach towards its involvement in virtual coins. She said that the company has started to understand the ins and outs of the new technology and hopes that it might become a financial part of the internet.

The CEO added that virtual currencies could be considered as a speculative asset class which lacks a foundation or goals in the world of international commerce. In her view, as soon as the digital asset becomes more mature, it will assist in the smooth functioning of commercial activities. Although she does not know which digital currency would lead the charge yet, she believes that time will create its utility.

As of now, crypto space is enjoying a peak in its hype cycle due to a large number of players in the market. NASDAQ stands out of the crowd as it can provide market information and surveillance technologies to few crypto exchanges. She added that blockchain does not possess the scalability required to handle her company’s super huge trading volume. But, it does have the potential to manage some of the markets.

She said, “There are massive inefficiencies where there is paper instead of automation, where there’s really poor record keeping, and everything’s in a drawer somewhere, like private securities. So we have to deploy blockchain into the private market, where you can find really long settlement cycles, and how [blockchain] can shorten those.”

The CEO does see some substantial opportunities for blockchain to grow. According to her, it is a fascinating technology which can turn out to be troublesome in the long run. It is also difficult to employ as it needs support from a massive network to implement it at the same time. Freidman further said that over time it could become possible and blockchain can be of great help to boost the business.

Earlier in April, she claimed that the stock market was capable of trading digital coins in the future under more regulations from the authority. NASDAQ can possibly become a crypto exchange if things go as planned.

It should be noted that virtual currencies are still having a tough time in America as owners do not want to consider their tokens as securities. The SEC has also launched many probes in cases of ICO as most of them have duped investors in the past. Meanwhile few crypto experts have speculated bitcoin to surpass the $20,000 mark by the end of the year.

Most of the big players in the market are not making irrational decisions about getting into the world of cryptocurrencies. Blockchain, on the other hand, is enjoying compliments from around the globe. It won’t be a shock id someday NASDAQ becomes a fully functional crypto exchange.

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